Uranus Transits to the Sun

Uranus transits to the Sun (the core of the personality) has the purpose of shaking things up to get things back to the ‘way they should be’, that is, back in alignment with the true core self. Like a series of electrical shocks to the brain that takes place in order for natural/balanced cognitive resonance to occur.

Uranus by nature shines light on untruths, anything that is just not sustainable, helpful or progressively useful in the evolution of human consciousness. The experience of having this transit may seem at times chaotic, unpredictable, un’plannable’, not exactly conducive to creating lasting foundations.

This, like several other outer planet transits, has the tendency to force one to accept change as being the most natural and expected element of life. Those who prefer exciting and spontaneous situations may revel in these times and take this time by its horns, however more conventional, traditional earthy types, or at least those who prefer to be in complete control of their life course, may be up for more than just one shock over this period.

The nature and number of ‘accidents’, unexpected situations and outcomes is proportional to the level of resistance to changing one’s mind and way of operating in the world. These experiences can act as mirrors to the nature of one’s current thought processes, even on a subconscious level.

Disruptions in routine, even mass changes in interests and a leaning towards something different to the usual (different from the self’s perspective) may take place, but for the purpose of questioning and discarding any outworn habits and belief systems. The overall experience can be exciting, titillating, ‘moving’ and inspiring if apprecitation of life’s synchronicities and its mysterious workings is embraced. Embracing the genius, the mystery behind sudden change allows us to feel the beauty in what may otherwise seem like a type of chaos.

Reassessment and revaluation of commitments, expectations, and actions are likely to arise after insight arrives along with awareness of the changes that happen. With this, a detachment or re-alignment can then unfold. This process can be subtle and gradual, or instantaneous. Separation in whichever form can and will likely occur if its the best for the individual (but it is not always necessary of course). Instead, internal separation of narratives, beliefs and expectations with emotions and consequent habits and behaviours that no longer serve, can occur. All this may take place while a normal flow in the outside world continues on as per usual. The change is all that is being required. Where the changes unfold will be dependent on the level of awareness present, whether attention is more inward or outward facing. Whichever place will trigger and allow deeper changes and adjustments of self to occur, will be the platform in which the noticeable changes unfold.

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