Neptune Transits to the Sun

‘Hard’ Aspects (square, opposition, conjunction)

— {Is like trying to look out of a hot shower}

When Neptune transits one’s Sun – that is to say when the ‘great illusionist’ makes contact with the core sense of identity for a person, the process of disintegration either begins or speeds up. The removal of everything that is not truly ‘real’ to the self occurs through a cycle of appearing most important or real before slowly fading away. The level of confusion or sense of disorientation is entirely relative and dependant on how strongly the individual identifies with their egoic self. The more resistance that takes place, the greater the ‘psychic’ tension and thus the more ambivalence. Ambivalence of being unsure on a very deep primal level may activate any number of stresses. This is why surrendering to the disintegration is pivotal, whilst doing what one can to remain grounded through constructive energy-channelling practices.

During this process one becomes more sensitive to the undercurrents existing beyond-and-between all things. Because of this level of openness it is imperative that the individual learns that letting go and surrendering to source is one aspect of this process, but so is a focus on creating a deeper sense of strength by the end of, or after, such a transit in order to fully integrate the process for greater wholeness. Believing nothing but entertaining possibilities is a path that will be easier to navigate than frantically clinging to any available new truth that may signify or promise greater self-discovery at this time (or any time for that matter, but there tends to be a common trend of this happening more frequently under such transits).

New people that enter into the lives of individuals experiencing this process will be to assist in the process of breaking down the outdated self. Sometimes this is activated through intense control dynamics or through people with a hyper-magnified care-free attitude that may be destabilising for some. Their purpose is to remind the self that is experiencing the transit, of greater worlds and ways of existing beyond the material mundane world as well as core lessons of universal relationship and interaction – such as that nothing can be contained or limited for much time. Some may be drawn to drugs (particularly psychedelics) in order to expand the linear confined mindset that may previously have been in control. Others may be drawn to deeper forms of meditation (e.g. Vipassana or Transcendental Meditation) as well as a multitude of different ‘tools’ to activate one’s spirituality. Taking what is being told to you at this time (over the years of transit) with a grain of salt is most useful and necessary as is taking on certain ways of approaching life that resonate most true (that which is not obligatory or ‘heavy’).

The sensitivity that occurs can be supported by the removal of foods or activities that are heavy, harsh and unsuitable/repulsive to the physical body at this time. Drugs have more of an effect than usual (and this goes for pharmaceutical products too). Mild exercise and moderate time spent by both the sea and the sun will help to strengthen and inspire, even if heavy activity is usually preferred. Allowing creative time for musical pursuits, poetry, journaling, ‘spacing’ out and coming back with insights is all part of this transit and these outlets are what can help channel pure potential.

I will happily go into more detail about the health aspects of Neptune transits at a later date πŸ™‚

The outcome will be entirely unique depending on what sign Neptune is passing through and where in the chart, but to fathom that it is ultimately aspects of one’s sense of self and identity that will be dissolved in order to show the magnitude of what exists outside the personal ego.

Soft Aspects (sextile, trine)

Unlike the more noticeable challenges present in the scenarios above – sextiles and trines between Neptune and the Sun promote a more fluid, creative and inspiring feel. Rather than forcing disintegration and structural re-arrangements, these times are more for seeing things as they are as well as from beyond, in ways that are far less confronting. Creative pursuits can be assisted greatly by this transit as a natural ‘plug-in’ or vortex of sorts which allows the free-flow of creative thought and harmonization with worlds beyond the veil/the mundane – if that is desired for the individual.

For some, these transits may be so subtle that they go unnoticed, but with just a little awareness of this occurrence, the sensations and benefits of such a time can be put to great use. Enhancing compassion and acting constructively, as well as deepening connection to the inner self, the higher self are examples of how best to harness the subtleties. We can even call this a time to deepen the connection to God.

2 thoughts on “Neptune Transits to the Sun”

  • Im a 14 degrees pisces sun im currently 2,5 years into the transit and this is madness its crazy what happens , i did tons of drugs (psychdelic) im soo fucking lost like crazy lost dont know who i am and constantly copying other peoples i had also psychic tuffs (scary af ) , i had the harshest disappointment of my life and my biggest dream crushed in my face , and it got me really depressed , sun conjunct neptune is ***THE WORST***!! I CANT WAIT FOR IT TO END

  • A client has been going through transiting Neptune conjunct natal Sun in 8th house, perfectly healthy otherwise went into coma and have lost touch with reality now. Alive but not something we would call as Normal. Doctors have failed in diagnosis, can’t find the problem. Drugs — yes prescribed ones that affect the nerves and muscles to make him calm down.

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