Venus in Aries

///Interpretations and writings from Rubyxia have the purpose of integration and the understanding of the variations and changes that happen within a lifetime along with the reminder of the infinite essence beyond the psychological world – the infinite awareness that is simply presence without judgment. All astrological expressions are at a frequency of the overall one energy and awareness of such concepts and traits is one gateway to remembering this.

Also remember that each sign is an expression of a ‘type’, these types at the end of the day are so personal to you and you only. Relationships (aspects) between Venus and other parts of the self (other planets) are to be noted as they show the conditions that the woman has experienced in the shaping of her likes/dislikes. Read about the house Venus is in as well as the aspects she makes to get a fuller, more accurate picture.

Female  (with Venus in Aries)

This signifies a woman that definitely does not want to feel inferior to Ares, the male counterpart. Strength of character will be of super high importance (in herself and the other) which comes into action and tests the prospects/interests of the moment for equality. Even if the strength is based on an inner integrity that is within a quieter man with a strong heart, or a philosopher who can also play ball with her.

This is a woman who does not want to be taken by fear however on a core level she may fear and resist love itself, as perceived by her, love is weakening. Vulnerability is not a state of being she ever wishes for herself

This is often the female that is particularly strong on the exterior, and has convinced herself of such strength also, however a somewhat fragile princess awaits impatiently within her own mind just waiting to be saved. Neediness and consistent attention start to manifest as needs that would never be considered, imagined or admitted when falling in love, real love, and she will often avoid such scenarios because of this.

She will be active, dynamic, potentially feisty and arguments or heated physical exchanges are not uncommon in intimate relationships. Feelings of being inhibited in conjunction with boredom may lead her to participate in a number of dramas, just for stimulation of sorts. Staying active and maintaining a sense of independance will minimise to extent and frequency of these events.

Public displays of affection (for most Venus in Aries girls), an emphasis on physical love and frequent activities will satisfy some basic needs of hers and keep her interested and very much alive.

Her creativity  may be more dynamic and full-on rather than traditionally artistic, refined or disciplined. She may reject the known images of what it is to be female, and an inborn feminist-like approach may underlie many of her views.

Embracing her femininity and seeing strength in the feminine will allow her to feel more in touch with the strong feminine who is naturally in no way subordinate to the masculine principle. Operating with such understanding can help balance her, even if she never becomes the ultra soft, passive female that she often avoids to emanate. This just isn’t her.

Male (with Venus in Aries)

These men are naturally drawn to a woman who is very much herself. Even if they aren’t consciously aware of it, they naturally lure in women with such a nature, who are assertive, strong-willed and pro-active. Their own interests and attractions may be just as impulsive and they are not strangers to lust or ‘love at first sight’ (they just can’t help it). Their anima is a reflection of their own feminine nature, their internal ideals of what feminity is, what will complete them to become more integrated within themselves.

They will like consistency in action, women that will not shy away from challenges or taking up activities, even if it means it is the woman is the counterpart that motivates and energizes (this may be something he needs). He will prefer games and loving in a light, child-like way that can surely create intensely fun times and also dramas when things don’t go his way.

Often their will be a personal need (often unconscious) for independence and personal expression, and a conflict can naturally occur within their relationships as in love they find it hard to balance the needs of a partnership with their own without causing harm of the other taking offence.

Earlier in life particularly, love is a chasing game, where the fun is in the beginning stages, and they become easily disillusioned and detached when boredom, repetitiveness or conquering occurs. This may carry out throughout the life until certain transits trigger maturity (this may actually never happen for some).


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