Chiron-Mars Aspect

Mars corresponds to the masculine principle, the aspect of self that wants action, activity, things to ‘happen’.

‘He’ is the extroverted creative force that acts, rather than the receptive passive quality of the self that allows and attracts action – which is more representative of Venus. Both are working simultaneously within each and everyone’s psyche.

So when the wounded healer Chiron, extremely receptive to pain, makes aspect to Mars which fundamentally needs to assert itself – pain and confusion can ultimately be felt and experienced when it comes time for the individual to take action and assert themselves. The outcome of this frequent experience can be avoidance – tip-toeing when it comes to making significant progress and applying oneself – when it comes time to be firm in decisions and actions. In regards to communication (especially for a Chiron in Gemini or Chiron in 3rd house indiviudal), the outcome can be abruptness in delivery, or lack of tact which imparts pain on the individual as they feel guilt and irritation at themselves for being rude, crude or insensitive. Or in contrast, complete lack of decisive and direct truth when expressing oneself. The two outcomes can alternate within one personality.

Because of the pain factor inflicted by the want and need to take action, this process can be seen as, or cultivated into ancient Shamanic practice, whereby a rite of passage is a fundamental process to pierce the veil of ‘regular consensus mind’ in order to see what is beyond. Pain does not need to be pain for the sake of it, for indulgence, for acceptance of just being an aspect of human existence. Rather pain in this sense can be used as a tool of conscious transformation.

The pain and struggle inflicted can be purely personal, or the projection onto partners or others’ in the individuals life, whereby one of the two acts on one side of the axis (Mars of Chiron role) and vice versa. For an impulsive, take-action kind of persona, an attraction to the wounded, or others interested in other-dimensional realities whereby integration of fragmented parts of the psyche can occur – can result. The attraction to different personas to satisfy the play of these two characters (Mars and Chiron) will be reflective of one’s own state of consciousness at any given time– and whether they want to continue the thoughtless action-pain cycle, or whether they are attracting in another to help them resolve their own fragments.

If the latter is the case (attracted to integrative personalities with a wish for internal conflict resolution), the initial closeness when a bond is being formed may invoke a multitude of varying pain responses, awkward responses as discarded parts of the psyche are surfacing.

The squares and oppositions are more likely to bring about personal-internal-mental conflicts when it comes time to consider taking action and when not to take action or to pursue certain interests. Additionally others will enter their lives and situations will evolve which is representative of this conflicting dynamic.

The trine and sextile is more a subtle way of linking pain with conscious awareness of the need to integrate, to see the purpose of painful experience. This aspect is more aligned with natural deep compassion towards others and even brings about an innate need to end suffering as much as possible for others

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