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Mars in Aquarius – Tight Mars Uranus Aspect

 Mars in Aquarius – Mars tightly aspecting Uranus These people possess somewhat of an (if not a fully notable) androgynous edge. Representatives of the coming of Feminism, Human Rights and general leadership positions will often […]

Mars in Sagittarius – Tight Mars- Jupiter

Female with Mars in Sagittarius – Mars tightly conjunct Jupiter This lady will be enticed by adventure, the road of uncertainty, the possibilities that lie ahead. The prospect of knowing exciting things are to come […]

Saturn Transit to Mars

  OVERVIEW OF THE FUNCTION OF MARS Our natal Mars position offers us insight into our personal ‘mojo’ including what ignites our primal drives and what colours our expressions of creativity, activism and initiative. It […]

Chiron Transit to Mars

Transiting Chiron in aspect to Mars usually catalyses, or at least speeds up the process, of having to deal with more blocked/irritated/frustrated aspects of energy expression within the self. This process can be facilitated in […]

Understanding Your Quest: Life’s Questions

Steven Forrest, one truly amazing modern-day Astrologer who practices and teaches the art of Evolutionary Astrology, wrote a fundamentally life-changing book in 1984 (The Inner Sky) which is still one of my favourite ‘go-to’s’. His […]

Chiron-Mars Aspect

Mars corresponds to the masculine principle, the aspect of self that wants action, activity, things to ‘happen’. ‘He’ is the extroverted creative force that acts, rather than the receptive passive quality of the self that […]

Mars-Saturn. Impulse meets control. Fun facts

///Interpretations and writings from Rubyxia have the purpose of integration and the understanding of the variations and changes that happen within a lifetime along with the reminder of the infinite essence beyond the psychological world […]