Saturn Return

A Saturn Return signifies the period in life marked by Saturn returning to the same position/degree as it was at birth.

For instance, if in a natal chart, Saturn is located at 23 degrees Aquarius, after Saturn has moved through all other (11) signs and moves back into Aquarius decades later, a Saturn return is taking place.

Some astrologers say a Saturn return begins when it approaches the same degree as it were at birth (i.e. in the example above, as it approaches 20-23 degrees Aquarius), however, many others will say a Saturn return starts when Saturn returns to the same sign (even 0 degrees Aquarius in the example above).

As Saturn takes roughly 29.4 years to orbit around the Sun, the first occurrence happens at around 28-30 years of age, then returns again between 58 and 60, and comes back for the last time when someone approaches their mid to late eighties (specific year/time depends on the individuals birth chart).


A little about Saturn….

Saturn tests, challenges, disciplines.
“He” is the ultimate task-master, governing this tangible world, and makes sure each soul pays to play.
Rewards are given for the effort; the values and lessons for each are unique, so each person needs to know their karmic lessons or the themes of that which is required to be confronted in this lifetime to incur the positive, rewarding experiences that come with having true purpose, showing up, and doing the work.

All Saturn-based transits will come with a need, whether born by internal intuitions or from external necessity, to cultivate a more grounded and pragmatic approach to being. It calls for someone to acknowledge their very real role in this 3D reality, ‘the real world’, the place where cause and effect are the governing laws.

Saturn demands planned and purposeful action to take place usually after many sobering and often confronting thoughts have been realised. By the time Saturn returns for the first time, Saturn has gone through all possible transitional phases (moving through all signs and moved through all houses/areas of life), incurring both subtle and more challenging developmental stages throughout the previous 28-30 years.

Saturn is the Universal ‘tester’, it represents how well we have integrated our life experience with the presence of conscience, the voice of realism. Saturn hints to us and reminds us of our physical limitations reflective of both our choices and efforts. Saturn is akin to our internal critic or guide, depending on the  relationship we have with authority or how we respond to our inner parent.

Saturn returns equate very much to a ‘reap what you sow’ period whereby prior efforts and foundations that have been applied or created up until this point, are being evaluated for what they are.
Pre-existing, self-created structures will be reevaluated most critically. If they do not serve the self any longer there will be either externalised scenarios or sobering internal insights that will highlight a fundamental need for a re-structure to take place.

Relationships may end or begin to dissolve, work situations may go through considerable change – whether a complete change of job is needed, there is an increase in a need to work, or, the need for a complete revaluation of what one is doing with their time on this Earth. Sometimes, this period is also about becoming sober – literally – focussing on one’s life work instead of detaching from the need to, and overriding the need to spend time in elevated states marked by addictive behaviour. This may seem bland, boring, restrictive or oppressive to those who focus on expansion and constant growth and enjoyment, refusing to live “small” or without – but if seen as a time where duty, obligation and celibacy can be empowering as it creates a sense of focus and stamina – a unique flavour of pleasure that can be sensed and learnt from can be noticed.

Discipline = Freedom.
This is one mantra for those that live for growth and freedom. The narrative can be changed around routine and structure, where instead of perceiving discipline as boring and limiting, it can be seen as the key to ultimate freedom in this reality.

Dreamers, or people who spend alot of their time fighting the belief or call to be part of this physical ‘mundane’ world, often find these times the hardest as they hold an innate understanding of ‘more-ness’ – that is, the understanding that there is more beyond the physical dimension. That is the ultimate “real”. However, in the knowing that the universe is multi-dimensional and archetypes live within each of us, respecting the force that allows us to live in this 3D world, is a way of allowing Life to continue. Authority can be embodied through connection to conscience, inner values, and discipline, and external authorities don’t need to be the “dark” forces that limit – they are expressions of this force that until embodied and embraced, will continue to be separate oppressive forces. The energy needs to be realised whether internally or externally. It’s each persons choice.

Saturn is the ‘God’ or aspect of the mind considered as ‘time.’ He is Father Time, and time is something that cannot be denied in this world, in our collective reality on Earth. Honouring the existence of such will give great benefit and remind us of our limits in order to push us to do something considerable with our human experience.

It is important to note that depression and feeling ‘low’ may appear if awareness of the requirements of this period have not been integrated. It can be a “dense” time, or “low-vibrational” in that it is not a light time of potential, rather, it is a time to truly build or rebuild, both literally and when it comes to internal values that best serve you.
External influences that appear to be blocking, limiting, challenging, or frustrating are reflective phenomena of what belief patterns and choices have been made up until this time.

Stay tuned for some tips on how to make the best of the Saturn Return which we all experience…

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