Saturn – Neptune Transit

A period marking the gradual exposure of dreams (of all varieties).

Exposure permits the air of the outer world to meet the usually-watery wombs of imagination. These may simply be your ideals, or what is ultimately that of spirit, the intangible.

The once-malleable becomes crystallised by this transit. The softest parts of the soul are no longer kept locked up tight in the world of the eternal-internal. Whilst everything may appear fine on the surface – to the conscious mind and looking in from the outside (other’s perspectives), on a soul level there is an evaporating or even freeze-phenomenon of this part of ourselves taking place.

Individual judgement of this process can be for better or for worse. This is completely dependent on one’s own readiness to confront the inner world of dreams (in some cases, this may mean facing what was always going to remain a dream).

Reality-based questioning may involve:

How much is (……. dream/ideal) important to you?
How much are you willing to sacrifice and work for (…….dream/ideal)?
Was this (……dream/ideal) ever going to become a reality or simply a fantasy pausing you from creating the life that’s actually waiting for you to engage with it?

All questions relating to facts and fiction – extending from a more personal nature to ultimate concepts such as what binds us all together, may be confronted. The warm fuzzy blanket that usually provides a safe haven of cosiness seems a tad wet or altogether absent.

Usual or reliable sources of inspiration and access to states of magic that buffer the blander or seemingly harsher realities of the physical world, may seem to have disappeared somehow. Whilst these things are illusions of sorts, these things often constitutes what makes life glimmer with opportunity and hope. Potentially (and likely) however, they have not disappeared forever yet the sources themselves, when they come back, come back transformed.

This process of confrontation and disintegrating often (if not always) is what is best for an individual. Delusions and a number of belief systems too, will be tested. Tested by people, circumstance, an inner inkling here or two –  if not all of these things.

While there seems to be a lack lustre of the imagination or feelings of not being able to escape, or sometimes even breathe – this phase can really reflect one’s willingness to apply and strive and build the world of one’s ideals. Better still, it can take away the illusions that were no longer going to be of service, just dreams and states of nostalgia that crammed up the inner world. Soon there will be plenty of room for new, more relevant and purposeful dreams to be created and intuited, one’s that hint at future directions with more conscious and meaningful intent.

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