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Saturn – Neptune Transit

A period marking the gradual exposure of dreams (of all varieties). Exposure permits the air of the outer world to meet the usually-watery wombs of imagination. These may simply be your ideals, or what is […]

Summarised Saturn Transits to Natal Planets

  Saturn Transits Initially, when we’re not-yet aware: Overwhelmed by responsibilities and/or the perception of extensive limitations – now and in this life. Being taken on my fears and niggling anxieties – feelings of not doing enough, being […]

Saturn Transit to Mars

  OVERVIEW OF THE FUNCTION OF MARS Our natal Mars position offers us insight into our personal ‘mojo’ including what ignites our primal drives and what colours our expressions of creativity, activism and initiative. It […]

Understanding Your Quest: Life’s Questions

Steven Forrest, one truly amazing modern-day Astrologer who practices and teaches the art of Evolutionary Astrology, wrote a fundamentally life-changing book in 1984 (The Inner Sky) which is still one of my favourite ‘go-to’s’. His […]

Saturn Transit to Sun (Square, conjunction, opposition)

The core seed of the personality (the essence of one’s ego, the basis of one’s identity) is being visited by the reality teacher at this point of time. These intermittent meetings occur roughly every 7 […]

Saturn Transit to Ascendant (Conjunction)

These several months mark the unfolding of fears, doubts, repressions and unknown aspects of the psyche into conscious awareness. The last couple of years have allowed the retention of certain aspects of the personality and […]

Saturn Return

A Saturn Return signifies the period in life marked by Saturn returning to the same position/degree as it was at birth. For instance, if in a natal chart, Saturn is located at 23 degrees Aquarius, […]

Mars-Saturn. Impulse meets control. Fun facts

///Interpretations and writings from Rubyxia have the purpose of integration and the understanding of the variations and changes that happen within a lifetime along with the reminder of the infinite essence beyond the psychological world […]