Saturn Transit to Sun (Square, conjunction, opposition)

The core seed of the personality (the essence of one’s ego, the basis of one’s identity) is being visited by the reality teacher at this point of time. These intermittent meetings occur roughly every 7 or so years, to see how one is progressing on a personal evolution level, to see if one is being most honest with who they are and what they truly want to obtain from the life experience. Saturn’s visitation involves the sighting of perceived limitations and an invite to re-structure such belief systems and abilties.

At the same time there is an allowance to hone in/focus on one’s perceived strengths, to work on mastery. At this time due to the emotion-less/neutrality possessed by Saturn/reality, weaknesses may seem to be exaggerated at  this time, as inner emotional support appears to be lacking as an increase in clarity and objectivity is occuring for the self’s best interests.

The usual sense of vitality may be challenged as the combination of introversion and analysis is required for this process to complete itself. If too much time is spent neglecting these underlying needs to go within oneself and do the ‘work’, lethargy and other signs of blockages such as depression and the sensation of exhaustion can often be the outcome.

However this time does not always need to involve lack and ‘low-ness’. If one is truly aware, up to date and is amidst doing their ‘work’ in this physical world leading up to this transit, there may just be an emphasis on channeling abilities furthermore, as partof a refinement process. If one is naturally career-minded, or quite logical by nature, these characteristics may just be amplified and if skills are obtained from this ability, they can be strengthened. However at the same time if one has been neglecting other elements of life in order to propel one forward in a material sense, there may come reality checks in regards to ones sense of purpose in the bigger scheme of things and their relationship to it.

There is always a welcoming of the refinement of abilities in order to personal evolution, in whichever sense, in the 4D world.
The sense of deflation or ‘flatness’ may arise if one usually thrives of being scattered and widespread with their energies, as Saturn’s influence forces a time to be grounded and focused.If this is the case, usual energy spent interacting, entertaining, and being generous with one’s time is now to be given to the self without feelings of guilt, uncertainty, or doubt.

Emotional sobriety or an indifferent attitude towards usual passions and interests can be quite common as an emphasis on Saturnine (reality-train) issues arise. Ideals and hopes are not what provides energy now. It is remembering and applying oneself with all that which already ‘is’. Acceptance is necessary here for the lessons to have benefit, to trigger oneself to overcome what they are most unhappy with or understanding what they appear to lack. Do not fear if usual passions and ambitions are put on hold, attend to what is most important and practical now, and understand that the passions will re-surface what the transit is over if they align with re-formed beliefs and will serve the self in the best possible way afterwards.

Saturn transits are often viewed as bringing along hardship, turmoil and the sensation of inner demons having their say. However if not fought with and/or ignored and instead embraced and listened to like any significant teacher, his influence is a true blessing. Blessings given are often greater than Jupiter or Neptune in the sense that once certain issues have been dealt with and dreams are brought into the Earth world and tested, they becoming lasting, concrete, real.

One has been brave, has battled, has allowed clarity to do necessary work and is deserving and ready to reap real rewards.

The relief and satisfaction that is obtained post the duty and work (that is currently being encouraged) is but a gift, and most satisfying. Listen to Saturn, the taskmaster’s voice.  Not clinging to the initial doubts and fears which may initially surface but seek and look head on at the belief systems behind such fears. Those that may require revaluation.

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