Chiron Transit to Mars

Transiting Chiron in aspect to Mars usually catalyses, or at least speeds up the process, of having to deal with more blocked/irritated/frustrated aspects of energy expression within the self. This process can be facilitated in a number of ways, commonly being through life circumstances that trigger these feelings internally or through the attraction of partners/others with this aspect. The extent of the process being felt will depend largely on how Mars and Chiron is represented in the natal chart, in addition to the level of integration of these aspects of the personality.

Mars-Chiron is often associated with very difficult personalities, or on the other end of spectrum – those with a more consistent or returning bouts of depression (those who internalize these blockages and frustration), and between the two other manifestations of a dampened or blocked life force are examples of the individuals embodying an untapped Mars-Chiron.

Immense potential for growth through dealing directly with irritations and blockages
is being activated as too the ability to cultivate and channel higher or more evolved aspects of Mars.

Meeting with those with a lack of comfortable and confident assertion of will and thus the overcompensation (e.g. bullying), or victims of, are other examples of Mars and Chiron, depending on the aspect. This is a Mars that feels threatened and isn’t aware of its own power or healthy channeling of aggression. Once integration has occurred, a very gradual process over time, extensive discipline of impulse and anger which has been redirected into healing and deep awareness, can assist others to move beyond their own frustration and blocks. Additionally, a growing understanding of the Law of Karma – through thought and action, more specifically related to wants/desires and actions, are being taught, or at least there is a light being shone in order to be seen more directly.

The receiving of that which is in proportion to what going on within the self.

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  • Mars (Libra) squares the conjunction of Chiron and Mercury (Capricorn) in my natal chart. After many years of studying astrology, with a focus on everything but Chiron, I realized how much this configuration has affected my life. Currently Chiron in Aries is opposing natal Mars and squaring natal Chiron and Mercury…and I am again in a position where I need to speak and act for myself or find myself obsequious to another. It is a challenge to face your personal weaknesses, but seeing them in one’s chart, clearly identifiable, is promising.

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