Aquarius North Node (Leo South Node)

///Interpretations and writings from Rubyxia have the purpose of integration and the understanding of the variations and mental changes that happen within a lifetime along with the reminder of the infinite essence beyond the psychological world – the infinite awareness that is simply presence without judgment. All astrological expressions represent a frequency of the overall one energy and awareness of such concepts and traits is one gateway to remembering this as all aspects of the Zodiac have the same potential to remember the underlying one true self. Happy Reading Readers 🙂

These people are on the path to cultivating and understanding their birth right to uniqueness. They are learning that honoring their true self does not have to be sacrificed for social acceptance. They are learning what detached reflection and a dose of perspective can do to improve situations whereby the egoic mind (what is considered the me or ‘I’) would usually cling to, personalize and centre around themselves. They are growing in independence, that is to say, independence from others approval, opinions and judgments even though they will still feel and be aware of such things as they come from a place where they have hyper-focused on how they are seen and read by others.

Beginning to think in terms of group consciousness rather than purely self-consciousness widens their sensitivity to group dynamics. They will learn a balance between being the lone-wolf, hermitising themselves for periods of time and interacting as part of their social obligations. The need for others is still high, whether it is for a sense of community togetherness, forming and integrating progressive ideas into the masses or even to cultivate their own identity through being ‘anti’ the consensus in the name of change, evolution and growth.

Through life they may find themselves being more and more drawn to what is ‘different’ at any point in time, what is not being accepted by society as well as what it is that connects large masses of people (at present things to do with elements of technology or even the quantum/spirit world).

More than any other era over an ~25, 000 time-span, Aquarius north node individuals as well as people strongly influenced by Uranus/11th house (people under a strong Aquarian influence) will resonate with the times and collective understanding of the world and consciousness, progressive development of technology, robotics, unity through such mediums in addition to reflection of both limits and potentials of science and the unveiling of power existing through religious movements or any major organizations fed by collective mind-control.

They have come from  a place where they are used to the feeling of importance, admiration, fed from public/outside appreciating and love where their importance outstands the majority, so now they are starting to integrate others way of being, different ways of both living and leading and an understanding of the diversity of thought, non-physical communications and the spectrum and possibilities beyond the known.

How to Integrate Aquarian Energy

Take the mind to the universe, above current situations

Witness co-incidences/synchronicities

Follow highest excitements/intuitions

Thanking the mind that doubt and inconsistency is a reflection of duality in things and how it mind is not to know everything

Connect with wider variety of people with respective interests

Begin to network

Integrate mind and intuition with heart impulses

Periodically find new ways to do things

Accept differences without promoting or dishonoring them

Meditate/look beyond the self in the silence

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