Aries North Node (Libra South Node)

Understanding that generosity and the ability to help others originates through giving the self the time, energy and allowance to just be oneself – that is – not preoccupied with overthinking about others (wants, preferences, moods, etc). Because of this, allowing thoughts and ways of allowing personal desires and wishes to fruition is a priority.

As much as being thoughtful seems an admirable trait, the confusion and lethargy from trying to figure others minds’ out whilst floundering ones own life energy in the meanwhile, can be at times very counter-productive for the individual self and others. Somewhat of a headtrip, a long game with no real winner. Learning the art of decisiveness and aligning with heart and corresponding impulses will be the strongest help when making decisions.

Learning to stand one’s ground, especially when it comes to giving oneself freedom to have personal wishes, personal likes and ways of living without trying to compromise or doubt that one deserves such capacities is essential for greater self-development. These people are very capable of see-sawing with the wants to do so as well as the belief that evolution and progress can be made from putting oneself first.

These individuals are naturally very people-oriented, requiring people around them especially solid partners and friends. Learning to develop a sense of self outside of these others is a major part of their personal evolution and they will be led progressively into such situations requiring (and even sometimes forcing) personal individualized development.

This involves learning and getting to know who they are, more directly and focused on themselves instead of reflecting and projecting off others. Knowing who ‘I is’ will give them an inner strength and identity that will be less swayed by the input of anything on the outside.

How to Integrate Aries Energy

Honouring natural preferences without negotitation through self-talk

Being bold with who you are and where you stand in time

Learning through doing and action without intending to

Listening closely to the child/innoncence within

Feeling alive with exercise and activity

Perceiving stress as vitality-activating

Putting self in seemingly stressful situations if interests and the hearts’ wants are drawn to whichever situation

Acting in the moment

Releasing the need to like and please everyone

Serving personal wishes (and in turn consequently helping others to be aligned with themselves)

Create personal goals that serve you/make most sense to you and feel the confidence that you have already to achieve them

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