Chiron-Moon Aspects

Being born with Chiron in relationship with the Moon – no matter the aspect – tends to be associated with one core underlying theme; the emotional self is not comfortable with accepting and expressing its true feelings.

It is unsure – more than most of us. It wants to heal, and has a pronounced potential to heal others in time. Yet, a very core distrust around personal authentic feelings which arise from the body and move into awareness, often leads to these emotions getting trapped in the mind. Here in the mind is where they twist and turn and make far too much noise, which instigates the evolution of robust coping mechanisms such as denial, rationalisation, repression and compensation.

It is as if one does not trust that they have the right, the capacity, or even the need to trust their own instincts and emotions. This often means that the messages which the body is trying to tell the individual through physical signals quite often become skewed. Their meaning often gets confused and even lost.  However, a fascination with body-mind healing techniques, alternative therapies, psychology and other means of understanding and healing complex processes frequently emerge over the course of a lifetime. A natural pull towards the fantastic, the mystical, the spiritual or anything that is ‘away’ from the body, the ‘here and now’, is often appealing. Though investigation into the understanding of why there is a seemingly strong need for separation from the mundane and the ‘real’ can be extremely healing in itself.

The pronounced sensitivity and ability for empathy gives rise to the importance of clearing one’s space. Whether through visualisation, mantras, doing things one loves and has passion for; anything that can build strength and remove a focus on surrounding emotions and unnecessary components in the environment, can function to serve the individual even more so than instilling protection. Some may like to use protection (i.e. ‘psychic protection’), and that is fine. However, focusing on the self and strengthening one’s body-mind response to bring harmony to the body can be less tiring and more beneficial in the long-term, and is still a way of ‘clearing out the excess/untrue’. Doing this can also function to build greater trust in the self, improve self-esteem, and ultimately, build stronger and healthier relationships with others. Building strength and trust as a means of healing rather than an ends can work wonders, whereby focusing on toxicity (what to avoid) and blocks, may work in the shorter-term but may never fully allow healing and understanding and true growth to unfold.

Whilst a multitude of possibilities exist relating to the cause/origin of this process, it is not rare that the mother/mother figure never was truly okay with her femininity or the way she felt her feelings. The way she gave love – whether seemingly a little or a lot, may have came from a place of uncertainty regarding whether she knew how to give it, or whether she was doing it (the ‘mothering’) right. From this perceived inferiority regarding how one feels, emotional detachment, or a strong focus on the ‘best’ way to do things as a means of compensation, are both not uncommon. There is often a stark awareness of imperfections in herself, and usually the individual with this position is aware of this in themselves, too.

She may have been the greatest teacher you’ve known, the most compassionate and loving soul, or she may have appeared the complete opposite – a detached, removed and uncaring parent. Or even both, depending on the phase of life. Both of which stem from an unnaturalness around accepting what just is, a rejection towards one’s own feelings. Trauma – for lack of a more subtle word, is at the root here. Processes and experiences that led to this are many. Interestingly though, the same individual which does a lot, learns a lot, and wants to become ‘more’ as well as the one who runs away from felt experiences and closeness, are both just expressing the same core in opposite ways. An underlying rejection of ‘what is’.


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  • Just wow. Wow and thank you.
    I could express a thesis full of ‘YES!!! That is so true!!!’ moments of pure resonance that occurred as I read your words.
    I felt comforted and inspired through the wisdom you expressed.
    Beautiful work

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