Gemini North Node (Sagittarius South Node)

Individuals born with this Gemini-Sagittarius nodal axis come from a background that has been rich in culture and exposed to corresponding religions, or at the very least an active participating environment focused on increasing learning faculties in some way or another.

They have innate faith with their place in the world and are naturally seeking some truth in some form or another. This is particularly true in the earlier years of life. Their kind of upbringing leads them to see things in larger scale, giving them the capacity to see things in broader perspectives and gives them a core feeling of understanding of how life in the bigger picture sense unfolds.

Over the course of their lifetime they are pulled more and more into retrieving large amounts of information/other perspectives/alternate solutions/new experiences. They are being drawn to look more at broad-scale information rather than generic truths in order to fully embrace the mental faculty capable of deciphering fact from fiction. Personal or vocational research may be particularly appealing, especially as the incessant, growing need to learn more evolves itself. They are beginning to question things that were once so natural to them and instead of taking things as a given or accept beliefs and patterns, they are being led into the world of infinite possibilities and dimensions of thought capable of creating facts and truth.

They may find themselves fluctuating between a state of floating through life based on innate faith and purpose, and with connecting vast amounts of data to seek potential views and receive completely new experiences

If unbalanced they may notice a see-saw between retreat/distraction from duties/life and immerse themselves in travel and or focus in religion. The religious/faith aspect can lead to dogmatism and condescending attitudes if not kept balanced particularly in times when are are feeling questionable about themselves/what they are saying.

As they start to drop rules and reliance on moral/ethical dogma they begin to lighten up their approach. Whether they choose to activate this change for business pursuits or to become more free/childlike and playful is based on the rest of their being (reflected by rest of chart).

Either way they will have preference for mental activity. Being drawn to creating networks and light social bonds will sustain their need for variety change and activity.

How to Integrate Gemini

Game playing (immersing self in different forms of games)

Focus on expansion of social networks

High exposure to books and articles

Online communications

Not staying in one place for too long

Regular activities during day

Seeing the joke in things (esp. serious circumstances)

Viewing life itself as a game rather than a ultimatum

Undertaking a multitude of hobbies  and interests simultaneously

Making jokes

Pulling through pain with humour

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