Outer Planet Transits to Natal Planets


Each outer planet transit will bring with it stark similarities between varying personality types, though the outcome/s of each transit per individual is near infinite.
Neptunian/Piscean creatives can readily invite inspiration and feel more afloat than regular with a visit from Neptune whereas Saturnian/Capricornian business-minded workaholics could find the same transit as threatening as any virus that has suddenly depleted their focus and energy. The effects are purely dependent on a mixture of awareness of current state of being, of one’s vision, what one is ready to bring in, re-invent or let go.

— Here are some examples of some visits to natal planets from these more collective influences…

Uranus – Sudden, erratic changes of course.
Feeling the urge to break-free, create, change, indulge in spontaneity for it’s own sake. Break-downs can be a result if these urges are not honoured! Intensified need for individualised expression, setting the bar of what makes YOU different from the rest. Increased desire to go own way – that is authentic, unique, ‘different’ (at least to what is expected from self or others), moving away from the perceived future that seems definite, safe.

Harness the enormous erratic energy into self-reflection and allowance of individuality – as well as respect for other’s versions of the same. Discover new things about self, culture, ways of thinking. Challenging own points of view as well as other’s which may have been limiting or safe over time thus far but now doesn’t quite sit right. Open-minded outlooks with healthy doses of skepticism – of ‘new’/alternate means of healing, thinking, being. Experiment, experiment, experiment.

Neptune – Dissolution of defined, unserving structures, immersion into inner worlds and creativity
Urges to delve into the mystery, naturally going deep sea diving into the unknown. Escapist tendencies coming through or heightening, if not the effects of not slowing down result. Poetic, romantic urges, ideals potentially turning into delusions and lasting illusions, being drawn to hyper-creative/romantic/overgiving/victim to the world types. Feeling unsupported by conventional structures – in medicine/therapies, vocational and educational systems. Feeling not of this world. Dissolution of what was, who you were, what life is. Subconscious urges taking over and projecting outward. Wanting to save/be saved. Religious/spiritual yearnings and alterations. What was solid is now liquid or vanished into the ethers. Plugging into the eternal creative force. Being taken too far into the eternal world of all-that-is but drowning by trying to stay here.

Having means of questioning what was before and trusting that by the end of the transit, resolution will happen if the want for a renewed self and vision for the future has been planted into the subconscious. Writing journals, dream journals, creative visualisation – planting ideas but letting the means of getting there, go. Visualising comfort, security, health but being aware of this occurring in the mind though sufficient to give a source of support and boundaries. Not openly trusting those that present out-there, saving ideas that don’t fully sit well/seem ‘too good to be true’. Taking new advice, offerings and support with a grain of salt. Allowing room for expression of vulnerability and emotional self in a safe space. Taking aware judgment from self, bit by bit. Have mind set on higher love and integration but being aware of physical laws. Trusting that the self sends signals at the right times. Floating and being grounded by breath, yoga, meditation – by being here and now, in the body.

Pluto – regeneration through breakdown, release or conscious want for transformation.
Primal desires, fears, issues that have been present since childhood are surfacing, though much of this has been left unawares. Resurfacing of repressed urges that may even be seen as too-basic, awareness of intensity or at least directly intensity into focused tasks/exercise/routines. OCD-like rituals and behaviours. Feeling frantic or highly anxious without own crutches. Turning to destructive means to try and wipe intensities if they seem endless or overwhelming. Being bothered by deeper thoughts and feelings. Needing more than normal from self, events, people. Feeling unsafe or out of control. Wildness in self emerging.

Channeling the rawness into expression – writing, performing, art, dance, study. Rhythmic breathing from chest every time overwhelm takes hold – even for 1 minute. Having few basic rituals to attend to which connect you to own base as well as something to serve the greater good. Practicing forgiveness and playing with the idea of trust – in self and life. Things happen at the right time for the right reasons. Everything does work out. Feeling empowered and charged by need to change. Working out hard. Goal accomplishment that aligns with the higher part of self. Letting go of definites but holding onto knowing what matters. Questioning deeply what matters most. Finding a source and channel of intense power that will only reap positvely but aligns with the truest self. AUTHENTICITY. Eat to renew and regenerate. Take calming herbs and supplements for neurotransmitter support. Meditation and yoga as a base routine.

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