Cancer North Node (Capricorn South Node)

This life is one for incrementally becoming more at peace with one’s inner world – one’s emotional sanctuary, whilst relinquishing the need to have everything structured, in order, ‘planned’. The passing of years allows the slow exchange of the need and expression of authority for intimacy and closeness. Allowing family to nurture rather utilise their presence to fulfill some social construct or support one’s public image/idea of self/working life is part of this process. Working dutifully comes naturally, putting in the extra time and effort in order to ‘do the best’ and ‘be the best’ – best daughter/son, best worker, best colleague, best human, is a ‘past’ habit and thus an inherent way of approaching things in life when clarity and whats really necessary seems out of sight. These traits have more or less been established in times prior.

Focussing more on one’s feelings and what nurtures the soul may seem like a tough task for many with this placement. Even the idea of doing so may seem far more enticing than actually going through the motions. However,  this emphasis is a vital component on development for the individual whereby life will recurrently show situations over time to urge the individual to do just that.

Being naturally conventional with an inner moral high ground can sometimes stand in the way of the heart’s yearnings and very much in the way of being honest with how one is actually feeling beyond thought. It is far more productive to confront one’s reactions and responses without defense  mechanisms in order to become fully open.

The need to be in control and the need to step aside from caring immensely how the public views the self is an imperative.  Loosening the ties on the importance of ‘should’s’ and obligations will allow one to be more in flow what is aligned with themselves. There is a longing to let go and leave positions of authority and power though a fear often appears, a fear of trusting one’s intuition and emotions as these things are too chaotic, too flimsy, too untrustworthy. Although they know emotional isolation well, the capacity to cultivate closeness is as high as the want to escape the icy existence they know.

Building trust in others and in with their own feelings is a slow process. Though once they feel life authentically and truly, the fulfillment experienced is incomparable to any other contrast of life experiences before that moment in time.

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