Natal Aspect: Sun-Pluto (Squares and oppositions)

No matter how comical, light, spontaneous or gentle one with this aspect may commonly appear to those around them given by other elements of the personality, these individuals (and only sometimes those closest to them) know there is a much more intense, consistent, unwavering element at play on a very core level.

These people themselves know full well what its like to have the forces of the outside world become so overwhelming, that they learn early on how to be self-managed, self-motivated and self-reliable – provoking within a strong need to be perceptibly in control.

The feeling of being truly safe and at peace is hard for these personalities to come by, as no matter how content and satisfied they may be for a moment, there is an innate fear it is to be taken away from them almost instantly, so before the process of ending and separation occurs they either take action by pushing or running away, or destroying whatever it is they are connecting to and/or creating first. In a sense it is beating the opposing force to it, but in essence, in reality, this  behavioural process often becomes self-sabotaging and the reigning need to be in control cancels out many chances for true intimacy, nurturing and sustenance from connections in the outer world.

There is an innate perpetual conflict occurring when it comes to the solidification and assertion of one’s identity and the ‘right’ to have a concrete sense of self in the vastness and transient nature of life.

Earthy personalities are exponentially more stubborn, and changeable personalities have a strong element of rigidity which may only be displayed when push comes to shove.

The unsettled feeling that comes from almost neglecting proper nourishment and obtaining sustenance, gives a persisitent need for further change, further grasping, clinging, obtaining. It often seems like one cannot rest, can never be satisfied, is always fighting with their own chance at peace and self-expression no matter how strongly they wish for this.

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