Pisces Rising (Pisces Ascendant)

>>>Keep in mind that the Ascendant’s planetary ruler is a major factor. The sign, placement in chart and aspects it makes will be a more specific indicator of the nature of the rising sign – i.e. representation of the self.

People born with Pisces on the horizon at birth are the most imaginative, receptive and chameleon-like of all astrological ‘masks’. Subtle cues and energetics are things that will both shape their perspectives and be most noticeable to them in the external world. The diversity of ways in which their imagination can lead them is completely individual and is largely affected by the nature of the rest of their personality (rest of chart).

They see the world through a wonderland where ‘things’ are less fixed, and instead are more free-form, colourful, vivid. Because of their dreamlike view of the world they give off this appearance of being ‘elsewhere’, somewhat vacant or alternatively highly animated due to their elaborate mental landscape. The ability to mimic and mold themselves to others is what can help them, if they choose, to fit in in social circumstances of their choice.

Any escapist behaviour on their part is usually part of a quest to go back to source – and this is particularly true of any addictions that provide love, warmth or altered states (that is to say, mind-less or less ego involved). Essentially this search for God in whatever form drives them before the divinity within oneself is truly felt, understood, experienced.

The vagueness or highly animated presentation of themselves is strongly opposed to a more refined, clinical, detail-oriented approach to viewing life. They represent themselves as fuzzy rather than pointy. They are innately compassionate and sense the spectrum of colours, emotions, experiences within the world to a more extreme scale than most.

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