Saturn Transit – 12th House

Frequent and often subtle pulls into an introspective space takes place throughout the course of these 2-2.5 years.  Every moment might not be spent in a state of hermitism, but rather a background feeling of distance between interactions with others/the outside world may be present. Even if introspection is a ‘normal’ way of being for the individual, there is a notable increase in neutrality over deep-seated desires, which may at least initially be perceived as psychological blockages if there is forces trying to intervene this time of detachment and perspective.

Keep in mind this is a phase of ending/wrapping things up/ coming back home – not a time particularly for massive leaps of action and inspiration (although that can be included at any time, through any transit). Sadness and depression may be labels given to behaviours and moods that have yet been brought into conscious thought as neutrality and detachment for some may be too life-draining if it is not used for things such as gaining worldly, spiritual perspective.

For this reason, this can be beneficially used as a time of a slow, gradual process of self-discovery, particularly of the unconscious/less-conscious aspects of the self which can be excellent for integration. The self-discovery may be less based on impulses and taking risks, but of a sealing maturity that speaks true to the self. This need not be a time of ‘getting old’ or ‘giving in and growing up’ but rather a stepping stone into knowing the ‘I that is’ rather than thinking and creating an ‘I’.

Rational thought can gain insight into understanding both aspects of the individual self as well as broad spectrum life processes, which can be even seen as the same process at work.

Unconscious behaviour

If not integrated (the transit is being ignored or denied) imbalances and fragmentation may be seen by others as hermitism, intense preoccupation with being alone, feeling anxious or even numb (as fears, phobias as well as core truths are being left hidden). Mind-induced guilt, sadness and such may be a part of the head-trip experienced.

Conscious behaviour

Successfully, this transit can be a pre-cursor to liberation as detachment can serve as a medium through which clarity can be obtained.  In seeing things as they, the process of acceptance can be triggered. There may be a want to escape (a retreat or reflective holiday of sorts) and this can be beneficial if the time is used for contemplation rather than simply a method of escape from all of reality.

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