Pluto in the 12th House

Pluto in the 12th indicates that the potent regenerative and transformative force within the self is kept hidden away from the conscious, logical, and rational mind; that which comprises how we perceive ourselves in daily life.

Unconscious instinctual actions are in essence trying to protect this self, though, the reactions and the results may appear quite the opposite with Pluto in this position, to the point of being destructive (self-destructive). It may appear this way as the majority of deep motives, core beliefs, and instincts are hidden from regular awareness and thus by being out of tune with this facet may mean that unchannelled actions seem disproportionate, unpredictable and potentially explosive/*implosive*. Additionally, strong feelings and confusing profound emotions are also kept far away from others.

The ‘shadow self’ has the potential to lay at its deepest layer with this position as Pluto in ways represents the evolution of soul and the compilation of consequences of unjust, unfair action throughout existence. Simultaneously whilst being the raw receptive element of experience, it adapts in order to recover power in whichever way necessary (in relation to the state of awareness of the individual soul). Thus, having Pluto in the house of the unconscious, hidden/ secret realms, adds more layers yet again. There is often much repression/suppression/overlooking of deeper emotion-invoking experiences until combustion, depression, or overall tiredness/overwhelm sets in at some point.

Through the lack of awareness of such actions, particularly in early years, actions seem more self-destructive in a negative sense – rather than to serve a purpose of a personal growth or on an evolutionary level.
The unconscious element may also indicate that one does not feel in control of their fate, that the instinctive reactions are so powerful they override everyday wants and wishes. Thus the individual with this placement may desperately try to protect, control, or find some element of solace in the world in whichever way possible.
Other’s are not to know of their shadow side, of their darkness, this is quite often not even an element of the psyche that the individual knows themselves – not in a felt experience kind of sense though quite possibly in a conceptual/abstract sense.

It does incline them towards needs of hermit-hood at times. Those with a strong Scorpio, Scorpio Ascendant and/or a strong 12th house disposition – can exhibit one of two main things at a given time. Being in complete denial of these aspects of self – or completely drawn to, and fascinated by all things unknown amidst needing to be alone to unravel and contemplate the mysteries – the unsolveable aspects of experience. With Pluto here, being naturally drawn into the darkness, alternating between being in fear and feeling safe in these realms, is dependent upon mood and stage of life.

These may seem like unwanted, negative or even dreaded aspects, though souls with this position have asked for this, and it is not to be feared or saddened by. The 12th house historically relates to Karma – past actions leading to current patterns and outcomes – so the events leading up to this may be ancestral actions that require such power be hidden – or alternatively it may be a growing power that needs to be hidden in order for a deep awareness and growth to occur throughout life in a ‘privatized’ kind of way. This can be the position of the peaceful warrior – transmuting strong forces of will and internal chaos into true universal-hood. There is great growth possible with this position if one is willing to look inward and deeply with acceptance and a genuine want to transform for the better. Facing the junk and growing through it instead of sugar-coating is definitely a must.

With many potentials and possibilities as to previous actions that have led to this position – service on some level will assist the embedded powerful will which has belonged to these people prior. It may be possible in times past the power or will has been used to their own or other’s detriment. Or perhaps having a more ‘universal will’ allocated by the 12th house individual will assist in the growth of the soul in ways necessary, potentially to evolve individually via ‘quantum leaps’.

Regardless of the scenario, Plutonic aspects of the nature are often repressed until deeper analysis comes into play.

3 thoughts on “Pluto in the 12th House”

  • My Natal chart has pluto in my 12th house, and I’m a Scopio rising. I went to an astrology yesterday and found this out. I knew it meant something because he glazed over this part and went into details on everything else. I have been told by every psychic, pastor, evangelist, etc. that I have a perverse spirit on me….I just couldn’t beleive it. And I never allowed anyone to “cleanse” me. Reading your page has provided me with more clarity of who I am. Thank you. Perhaps, well more than likely, I have a past life debt to pay. I feel if this is my cross, I can bear it and continue to enjoy the millions of other beautiful aspects of life I am allowed to experience.

  • Plz if you read this message plz reach back out to me. Natal (late degrees) Pluto RX Conjunct Saturn 12th House Libra. I tried finding you in instagram couldn’t. I watched your YouTube vid and instantly had to connect with ASAP. If it’s written in the stars you’ll get this message . My I.g Autodidactic33.

  • The world of 12th house Pluto ( mines is in Libra) is ever evolving and mysterious, sometimes even to me! I’ve been studying astrology for 20 years now and I’m still extremely curious and excited about it! I’m so grateful for reading this today!

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